Storms of Love

Is what you feel
When you have loved
It’s evidence that someone
Has penetrated your wall
Come deep inside
And energized your heart

You know it because when
They leave your space
Your heart is not the same
Your energy level drops
You try to fill it with other things
But your heart knows them
Wants them and loves them

So you stop
Allow the tears to flow
Allow the storm to pass
To release the pain and disappointment
It will only last for a short while
Then spring will come again

But the most important thing
To know is that you loved
You now know you have
The capacity to love another
Which is the best thing in the world
Because love truly does conquer all
Although it doesn’t feel like it
Right now
This love has changed you
Made you a better person

So allow yourself to feel
The heartbreak
Knowing that love is
Worth the temporary pain
Because you opened
Your heart to another
You will know love again

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