His Eyes

His Eyes by Fedora

His eyes overwhelm me
In them I see
The depths of his heart
I see the struggle

In them I see
Hope, Freedom, and Love
I see how he sees me
How he feels for me

They touch me in a place
A place that I thought
Had no space
To receive another
To allow someone to see
All there is about me

But his eyes don’t allow me
To hide
Despite what I say
They come inside and
Steal it away

The truth from the
Abyss of my soul
The yearning that exists
The willingness to be his
His submissive love

To honor him
To love him
To obey him
To uplift him
To submit to him

I cannot look upon him
Because I am so overwhelmed By what I see
God make me worthy
Of such esteem
Show me how to receive your love

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