Erotic Soul

Erotic Soul by Fedora
Art by Carlos Schwabe

Lovemaking is a window
To the erotic soul
Encompassing the emotions
The desires
The passion
The needs of the beloved

Her erotic soul cried out
He answered swiftly
He dug deep
He penetrated the layers
Of lost moments
Lonely nights
Missed kisses
Longing touches

She tried to contain her response
But his love was so good
His manliness took control
Knowing it’s what she needed
What she craved
What she wanted
He kept pushing loving giving watching waiting
Until the ultimate release
Sprang forth

It happened
Her soul was set free
All those hidden things
Were now at the surface
She wore them for a few seconds
Then she said goodbye

As they streaked down her cheek
Each drop representing
A released piece of her erotic soul
Which slowly became whole again
Became open again

To experience
More pleasure
To receive more
Of his treasure
She was finally free

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