Transition in Love

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Going through a transition is like giving birth. You start out with an idea of how things will be because you can’t see anything yet. I set out on a journey nine months ago. I wasn’t sure of what I was trying to accomplish but I knew that things as they existed then had to change. In case you are wondering yes it involved relationships.

See I had problems choosing men and then would not always let go when I needed to. I let someone go nine months ago and I set out on a journey to rediscover myself, my desires, and my purpose. I don’t trust a man with my heart. Simply because the one’s I submitted to in love trampled on me, used me, and abandoned me. Oh don’t feel sorry for me. It helped me to become the woman I am today.

So over the course of nine months I have learned how to be friends with a man. I have learned that there really are some real men of substance in this world and how to recognize them. I learned that I attract men based upon how I see myself. If I feel unworthy then I may attract a man who has a similar trait who in turn would never see my worth. Boy I repeated this one several times. But now I know my worth and attract men who recognize it as well.

I still had some men who tried to attach themselves to me who did not see my worth. But I quickly cut things off. Yes I hesitated but I did it. It was so great, so empowering. I am ready now to embark on my next journey.

I am ready to submit in love to my king, whomever he is. I am scared yes. But when is transition not scary? It’s like diving out in the abyss, you don’t know what’s down there but you jump anyway. I am diving knowing that God is holding my legs all the way, ready to pull me back to his safety if necessary.

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