Your King

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Your King

Do  you remember the Tarzan movies where Tarzan, king of the jungle, saved Jane from numerous predators. She would show her gratitude with her love and admiration of him. He would beat on his chest and yell out into the forest claiming what was rightfully his.

Yes it may be primitive but it’s also true. Ladies men want to be your Tarzan and receive your love and admiration in return. But sometimes you don’t let them know that you love and admire them. If you speak to him as your King he will be that but if you tear him down and speak to him like a dog then a dog you shall have. You have to remember that no man is perfect and he will not do everything you want him to do. But don’t focus on his shortcomings boost up his strengths.

Speak to that inner King and show him that you are his Jane. Even as an independent woman let him know that you need him. The nature of a real man is to care for his woman and his family. They need to know you need them, admire them, and love them.

But if you tear him down he will become a broken man. A broken man is hard to mend. Some never get mended. So love your Tarzan and show him he is the King of your jungle.

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