Sexual Intimacy

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Sexual Intimacy

He mounts me and secures me in a position where I can’t move. This is crucial because when the orgasm gets intense I tend to scoot away from his hardness despite the fact that I want it. But he has me now and I can’t move. The orgasm hits me in waves and I scream out in delight. The intensity makes my body tremble and I quickly realize that maintaining composure is out of the question.

I love these moments because they are the epitome of great lovemaking but they are not the only path to satisfaction. My lover gives it to me like this regularly and we always end the session with me exhausted from multiple episodic orgasms. But what happens if you can’t have intercourse?

Physical intimacy does not always have to involve intercourse. I had a lover satisfy me with only his fingers and his tongue which resulted in the same type of ending as my lover above.  It’s not about the parts you use. It’s about the intimacy and the connection with your lover. Both lovers were in tuned to my body and spirit with one purpose satisfying me. In turn they were satisfied as well.

Remember that sexual intimacy is not about body parts. It’s about the heart, mind, body, and spirit creating moments of sexual bliss through the careful intentional connections of two souls.

Fedora loves you. Peace.

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