The Ride

The Ride by Fedora

I watch the flow
As I see it grow
Into the force
That will make me glow

Slowly I go
To let him know
How much he gives me
My love will show

He slides inside
As I glide
My body atop his pride
Filling me up
So I can ride

Slowly I go
Until I feel his flow
Which lets me know
How much deeper I can go

I ride, I glide
I slide inside
The flow of his love
His hardness
Makes it hard to
Keep my heart inside

Each flow lets me know
That he is mine
He watches intently
As I take him all inside

I kiss his lips
While I feel the tip
Hit the top of my spot
That makes me hot

His hands cup the softness
That envelopes him
Pulling me up and down
In and out until I shout

Please don’t let it come out
Give me all that I desire
Your love has my mind
And body on fire

He pulls me harder
I glide longer
We ride in unison
To build the momentum
That will propel
Our love into the universe

Ohhh no I say
I can’t get away
He’s going so deep
He’s getting ready to spray

I dig in and hold on
Securing my spot
I’m going to ride until
He releases the last drop

He squeezes me tight
I give up the fight
He lifts me up
Pushing gliding riding
Ohhh no
Pushing gliding riding

So hard so strong
I feel it spray all inside
It hits the wall
Releases a major
Eruption deep down inside

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