Together We Exist

Just some of Fedora's thoughts on...

Just some of my thoughts…

Not being his is not an option for me. As I watched the video “You are mine” it made me crave him more, but more than how he possesses me now.

I want to feel his touch, his heart, his spirit, reach out and take me confirming what I feel in my heart. For I know that he loves me how I deserve to be loved, he will guide me, dominant my body, my mind, my soul and my heart. I am his prized possession, always willingly giving myself to him for his pleasure, his greatness, and ultimately our future.

When I think about not being his, it hurts me and I feel like a part of me is separating. I begin to see the power seep from within me, the power that is created by our connection, our love, and his strength. He is as much a part of me now as my organs have been since I was created, inseparable and always giving me life.

He is my Dominant and I am his submissive together we exist.

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