Just some of my thoughts on Love and Lust

Just some of my thoughts…..

I love with the deepest part of my being always giving more. I lust after the feeling that gives me a rush. A rush of adrenaline, a rush of wetness, and a rush of heat.

Sometimes they clash with each other.

The love craves the quiet intimate moments, the touching, the words, and the closeness of him. The one who speaks to my heart and illuminates my world.

The lust craves more physical interaction. Touches in places that ignite fires. No kissing but lips are involved. Lips touching the parts that require attention and appreciation.

My heart calls out to be heard as my body wants to be held and caressed. My lips want to be kissed. My hand wants to be held, to be touched.

My breasts want to feel his lips, his bite on my nipple. My body wants to be explored by his hands, his tongue and to feel his fingers penetrate places that produce waterfalls and magic.

My love and lust craves, no wants, desires his dominance which ignites passion and makes me want to always be near him.



I Love

I love, I breathe. They are one in the same. I love myself. I love my face my full lips and my eyes. I love my thick curvy body and my soft skin. I love God first, my champion! I love me next, the sexy queen and I love him always my king!

Together We Exist

Just some of my thoughts…

Not being his is not an option for me. As I watched the video “You are mine” it made me crave him more, but more than how he possesses me now.

I want to feel his touch, his heart, his spirit, reach out and take me confirming what I feel in my heart. For I know that he loves me how I deserve to be loved, he will guide me, dominant my body, my mind, my soul and my heart. I am his prized possession, always willingly giving myself to him for his pleasure, his greatness, and ultimately our future.

When I think about not being his, it hurts me and I feel like a part of me is separating. I begin to see the power seep from within me, the power that is created by our connection, our love, and his strength. He is as much a part of me now as my organs have been since I was created, inseparable and always giving me life.

He is my Dominant and I am his submissive together we exist.

Lustful Leftovers

I can still smell the freshness
The sweet smokiness
That he leaves
With me when we depart

His scent reminds me of his
Hands which touched me in places
That produced wetness

His scent reminds of his
Tongue that caressed
Parts of my body
That made me squirm with excitement

His scent reminds me of his fingers
Exploring each opening
Pulsating inside me
Making me explode with multiple orgasms

His scent
Reminds me of his dick
Long and strong
Ready to penetrate my world

His scent
Reminds me that desire rules
That I desire more of him
Exploring his desire for me

That’s Why

I miss the touch
The warmth of him
The one who loves me so intently
The way he feels against my skin
Makes me feel so right within
My deepest parts
That no one sees
Because he is the only one
With the keys
To unlock
Those inner thoughts, feelings and desires

That’s why I miss him
Mostly at night
When all the things inside
Decide to take flight
He calms me
He soothes me
Takes me where
I need to be
Never will another be
As close as he is to me