Ascend AngelI left, said I would be back
Had to take some time
To get some things right
You apologized
But I could not see
How to continue to be
What you wanted from me

So I went
I found things I didn’t know existed
I thought I would run back
To see what was left behind me
Always knew your love
Was all I needed

But when I emerged
I saw the world
Rise to receive me
To love me
To show me

That I was wonderful
That I was ready
To be free
To be me

So when I looked back
I saw the love you gave
The chain that attached me
Kept me from being

I broke the connections
That never brought satisfaction
That only kept me with you
But excluded me from the world

The world needs to see
My light
Hear my voice
Know my heart
And I need them
To allow me to be
The woman God made me

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