My Dominant King

The Dominant King

Hello Lovers I wanted to post a poem to my friend The Black Poe to thank him for gracing my blog with his words. Enjoy!!

He dominates my heart
It jumps when he is near
I feel his energy all around me
I submit my love to him
I give him all he wants
I give him all he needs
He dominates my mind
The creativity flows
From within the depths of my consciousness
I submit my words to our love I submit to the creative juices
To the development of our magic
He dominates my body
Makes my body shake
Makes my passion rise high
I submit my body to him
For his ultimate pleasure
For his fulfillment and source of inspiration

He dominates my soul
He brings forth the spiritual connection
That exists between us through
God I submit to his authority
I submit to his protection
To his spiritual guidance

He is my loving dominate king
I am his passionate submissive goddess
Together we build the foundation
Of the ultimate love
The ultimate connection
The ultimate world of literary satisfaction
Together we are

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