God Fearing Gangstress

GangstressA God fearing gangstress is a

God-fearing woman
Anxious for nothing for she knows her destiny
Never forgets where she came from
Geared up and ready to go
Steady on her path
Tired of all the bull
Ready to go the distance
Shields her young from the enemy

She is a sister who is fed up with the system
And the dog men in her life
She is tired of being beaten,
Used, abused and disrespected

She is tired of watching the world go by
While she stands
Still stuck in her situation

Oh yes
She has a situation
See that is what drove her
To where she is now

That situation
That beat her down
That made her feel less than a woman
That made her think she was losing her mind

Oh yes that situation

That took her to a dark place
Where she vows never to return
That took her identity
That took her self-esteem
That made her not want to get up in the morning

Oh yes, that situation

That drove her to drugs, alcohol, pills, prescription medicine,
Weekly visits to the psychologist
Paxil, Prozac, Ambien and sleepless nights

Oh yes, that situation

That she finally got tired of
That made her decide
It was time to break free
That encouraged her to
Change her life for the better

Oh yes! That situation

That drove her to desperate measures
That made her do things
She never thought she would do
That made her hardcore

Now here she stands
Ready to make her move
She has used what she knows
To change her life

She is strong, fearless, eager and alert
She’s at the top of her game
And her colleagues respect her

Who is she?
She is a god-fearing gangstress
She is me
She is you
She is every woman
Who has survived that “Situation”
And she will never be down again

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