AnotherThe more I learn
The more it engulfs me
Why are we so selfish
Always wanting to feed
Only ourselves Continue reading Another


His Call

He Called UsHe called me that morning
I needed to hear his voice
I needed to know that he was real
He was there
He was who he said he was

His presence engulfed me
His words bounced around my ears
And deposited into my heart
His voice ignited
The passion that started
With his word

He gave me the piece
The peace I needed
To proceed
He was announced
Via the Holy Spirit

I did not know who he was
But I felt his importance
I felt his power
He knew me
But how

God connected us
Tied our souls together
Positioned us to engage
To create
To uplift
To love
To unleash the things
He has poured into us
For many years

First Encounter

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers! I am giving you a treat today as I share part of my erotic fiction. I am new at this but love the genre. Feel the energy, feel the love and feel the passion as you share my words and my world.

First EncounterAfter months of only seeing him online, texting and talking on the phone, I am finally given the privilege of seeing Daddy in person. I was nervous, anxious, excited, and giddy. I felt like a school girl attending her first day of school. How would daddy receive me? Would he be as pleased with me in person as he has been from a distance? Would I be able to be obedient although my heart may want more? There are so many things going through my mind.

He prepared everything, even laid out the clothes he wants me to wear. It is not surprising that the outfit he left excludes panties. But it is my favorite color, red. A low-cut red knee-length dress that fits all my curves and pays special attention to my cleavage. Under the dress I was to wear a red and black bustier that evened out my curves while pushing up my beautiful breasts, with attached garters. Black thigh high stockings and black heels completed the outfit. I have never worn thigh high stockings because my damn thighs are so big. But I will do anything for my daddy. Continue reading First Encounter